Please note that this is archived content. For up to date information, follow the link to the medicines management clinical guidelines on diabetes (which are kept current and reflect the CCGS preferred options) to the website:– here

As part of a series of development events to help pharmacies target MURs effectively, events focussing on T1 and T2 Diabetes were held during 2011.

You can view the presentations by clicking on the following links:

First meeting’s presentations (on T2 Diabetes):

Dr Tom Humphries’ presentation (Update for Pharmacists)

Deborah Evans’ presentation (deb evans murs in type 2 diabetes) (MURs)

quick guide to oral antidiabetics

case studies in type 2 diabetes without answers

Second meeting’s presentations (on T1 Diabetes) plus presentation from Dr Paru King

Paul Dromgoole’s Insulin Workshop

mark galloway mur presentation

Dr King’s Presentation (PROCEED PROJECT)