NHS Contract

Updating Your Pharmacy DOS entry and NHS Website entry

Requesting a Directory of Services account to enable you to edit your entry

The following process was shared by NHSE&I

You can view the info here or you may prefer to download a word document with live links  Requesting a DOS account – instructions for pharmacies

  1. Requesting your Account

Go to https://www.directoryofservices.nhs.uk and select ‘Request an account’

  1. Complete application form

You will need to add

  • pharmacy name as the First name
  • Your ODS code as the Last name
  • Work email MUST be the business nhs.net account NOT a personal nhs.net account
  • Service Name – in this box enter the name that the service is usually referred to in public setting.  Include location eg Uptown Pharmacy, Coventry (if multiple use more local area eg Uptown Pharmacy, Hillfields, Coventry)

3) DOS account application continued

  • Select HCP registered from dropdown options
  • You MUST select NHS Midlands Region from dropdown options
  • In the box asking why you need to access add the following or similar wording – minimum 15 characters To enable us to update capacity on the Directory of Services
  • User Name – this is your preference
  • Passwords- DOS administrators will NOT have acces to passwords if they are forgotten.  Ensure you have local processes in place so anyone who needs access knows the user name and passwords

4) Account request validation

After requesting an account you will be sent an automated email from NHS Pathways. This email will contain a link which you MUST click on for your request to be processed. If you have a problem clicking on the link then copy and paste the address into another window.

5) Account authorisation

A DOS administrator will authorise your account. You will receive an automated email when this is completed.

6) Account settings

These will be updated to enable you to change the capacity of your pharmacy. You will be sent an automated email when the settings are applied.

If you have any queries regarding the process for requesting a DOS account please contact dosleads@wmas.nhs.uk

Updating NHS Website Entry

As part of the QPS most pharmacies will have set up their access to manage their NHS Website entry.  Full information on how to do this can be found on the PSNC website here