Summary Care Record Information and Resources


Please find below useful links and attachments, particularly the SCR process steps, you are always welcome to contact NHS Digital via should you have any queries

SCR Community Pharmacy factsheet

SCR in Community Pharmacy

Implementation and Training

SCR Process Steps

Step 3 CPPE training

Step 5 Standard Operating Procedure

Step 6 Acceptable User Agreement submission document

Step 10 Pharmacy information lealfets

Step 11 Patient information leaflets


SCR Test NHS Numbers

The following NHS numbers have been provided by HSCIC that can be used to test access or used during training purposes:

999 040 2132      999 025 2947      999 025 2955

999 024 3271      999 024 0272 (an example of no SCR Access)   9990402132

9990252947    9990252955     9990243271

9990281025 (this NHS number has an enriched SCR – this will not be commonly seen)

They all begin with 999, record ‘test patient’ in the free text box whether you are using YES or EMERGENCY ACCESS

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