Safe Places

What a Safe Place scheme organisation is asked to do

Display the Safe Place sticker in a prominent place.

Designate a responsible person who’ll be the main point of contact for the scheme and to liaise with us and other partners as appropriate. The responsible person is also asked to promote the scheme with staff and help it to continue to run smoothly.

Recognise that the Safe Place Scheme operates whenever the general public has access to the premises.

Provide a suitably qualified and trained member of staff, on duty at all times, to help anyone producing a Keep Safe Card or asking for help. This member of staff will be someone who is aware of the scheme and responsibilities.

Get in touch with the emergency contact detailed on the person’s Keep Safe Card or emergency services whichever is most appropriate.

Offer the person asking for help a suitable area to wait until that help arrives.

Allow the name, address and contact details of the organisation or business and Safe Place to be included in the Safe Place register.

To become a recognised Derbyshire Safe place please click here for the registration form