Pharmacy Profile, using the new NHS Manager

We are still receiving enquiries requesting instructions on how to update your pharmacy profile and have been informed by the Directory of service team that pharmacy teams are still contacting them to make changes to the Directory of service contact with the DOS team is no longer required since the go live of the NHS Profile Manager.

NHS Profile Manager is a digital tool which went live in June 2022.

Community pharmacy contractors previously updated two different NHS service information updaters:

The NHS website profile editor and

Directory of Services (DoS) Profile Updater.

The new  NHS Profile Manager replaces the two older information updaters, thereby, preventing contractors from having to input the same information onto two different platforms.

You can now access and use the new NHS Profile Manager. It is where you’ll go to check and update your pharmacy information at least once each quarter of the financial year.

It’s a good idea to update your information as soon as anything changes in your pharmacy, so that patients and other NHS services always have the most up to date information.

The system already allows you to update your opening times and contact details. Other options such as facilities and services will come later.

What you should do now

  1. Register for the new NHS Profile Manager Register for the new NHS Profile Manager – NHS Profile Manager – NHS ( with your personal NHSmail address if you haven’t already. You’ll need NHSmail to use NHS Profile Manager.
  2. Check you can access NHS Profile Manager and your pharmacy profile.
  3. For each profile, check that your opening times and contact information are up to date. You should do this even if you have recently checked your information using the NHS website profile editor or the UEC profile updater.

Help and support

Find out further information and guidance about the new NHS Profile Manager on the PSNC website NHS Profile Manager – PSNC Website. You will also be able to access helpful ‘how to’ videos on this page.

If you need help with NHSmail, please refer to the NHSmail guidance or Frequently Asked Questions If required, you can []email For any other issues registering, please raise a ticket with the service desk which operates Monday – Friday between 8am to 5pm, or []email