Emergency Stock Order Arrangements

Alliance Healthcare (Distribution) Ltd. will be the sole outsourced provider of the Sanofi Emergency Orders service
for the following Sanofi medicines to pharmacies, dispensing doctors and hospitals in England, Scotland and Wales
(customers in Northern Ireland will receive deliveries from Sangers Northern Ireland):

 CHOLESTAGEL® 625mg Tablets x 180 (PIP code: 332‐8168)
 INSUMAN® Basal cartridge (PIP code: 268‐9024)
 INSUMAN® Rapid Cartridge (PIP code: 268‐9008)
 INSUMAN® Basal Solostar (PIP code: 361‐6083)
 INSUMAN® Basal Vial (PIP code: 268‐9016)
 INSUMAN® C25/75 Solostar (PIP code: 358‐5049)
 INSUMAN® Comb 15/85 Cartridge (PIP code: 359‐0882)
 INSUMAN® Comb 25 Vial (PIP code: 268‐9040)
 INSUMAN® Comb 50 Cart (PIP code: 274‐8838)
 INSUMAN® Comb 25 Cart (PIP code: 274‐268‐9032)
 LANTUS® SOLOSTAR® Pre‐filled Pens x 5 (PIP code: 329‐3792)
 LANTUS® CARTRIDGES® 3ml x 5 (PIP code: 289‐3659)
 RENAGEL® 800mg Tablets x 180 (PIP code: 283‐4018)
 RENVELA® 800mg Tablets x 180 (PIP code: 358‐0248)
 RENVELA® 2.4g Sachets x 60 (PIP code: 358‐0255)
 TILDIEM® LA 200mg Capsules x 28 (PIP code: 227‐1716)

In the first instance, please place orders for these medicines in your normal way, electronically or by contacting
your wholesaler’s local service centre.

In the event that you are unable to source these medicines from your usual wholesaler (including Northern
Ireland), please contact the dedicated Alliance Healthcare (Distribution) Ltd. emergency order hotline: 0203
0448930 (email: EOhotline@alliance‐healthcare.co.uk). Please note that there are no additional charges for this

Any other Sanofi product issues, please contact the Sanofi Customer Services team:
Tel: 0800 854430 (email: gb‐customerservices@sanofi.com).