Targeted MURs and NMS

These Pharmacy Development Group (PDG) meetings were part of the LPCs ongoing strategy of equipping pharmacists to engage more confidently with the list of nationally assigned clinical areas that pharmacists should be focusing their MURs and NMS on.

Over 110 pharmacists attended this brace of events designed to promulgate best practice in targeted MUR and NMS interventions. Further details and the slides can be found below.

Anticoagulant and Antiplatelet Protocols

The Agenda sought to achieve two key objectives.

1)  To give pharmacists a thorough clinical briefing on the pharmaceutical management of the conditions treated with these categories of drugs, and

2)  To illustrate how content from the briefing could be used to improve the effectiveness of tMURs and NMS interventions.

The special speaker was Julian Holmes, Haematology Specialist Pharmacist at Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham where 700 anticoagulated patients are routinely managed. His CPD presentation on Antiplatelets and Anticoagulants set the scene. The sort of pharmaceutical problems arising were then illustrated with a number of case studies .

A video commonly used by QMC to communicate key information for patients on warfarin was shown which covered everything from awareness of bruising to dealing with nosebleeds.

Finally, a summary check-list of Improtant Points was discussed which would help pharmacists stay on track during their interventions and thus assure them, in Julian’s specialist opinion, that they have systematically covered all the key points.