The  Derbyshire committee comprises 15 members appointed or elected according to the arrangements set out in the LPC constitution.

The Committee has recently made the decision to employ both the Chairman and the Treasurer.


Derbyshire LPC Employed Officers


Jackie Buxton

Jackie is Chief Officer for Derbyshire LPC.

Jackie Buxton Declaration of Interest 2019

Jackie Buxton Confidentiality Agreement 2019

Stuart Kelly 

Stuart is the employed Treasurer for Derbyshire LPC.  Stuart is a member of the executive committee and Chair of the Audit Committee.

Stuart Kelly Declaration of Interests 2019

Stuart Kelly Confidentiality Agreement 2019


Katherine Newman

Katherine is the Support Officer for Derbyshire LPC 

Katherine Newman Declaration of Interest 2019

Katherine Newman Confidentiality Agreement 2019

Derbyshire LPC Committee Member 2019/20

Andrea Smith,ActingChair

Andrea is the substantive Vice Chair of the LPC and is acting as Interim Chair until 31st March 2020.  Andrea is also an AIMp representative for B. J. Wilson and a member of the Audit sub-committee.

Andrea Smith Declaration of Interest 2019

Andrea Smith Confidentiality Agreement 2019



CCA representative

Declaration of Interest and Confidentiality Agreement 2019 to follow once appointed


Peter CatteePeter Cattee

Peter  is a LPC member and an AIMp representative for PCT Healthcare. Peter is also a non CCA multiple representative for PSNC.

code of conduct Peter Cattee 2019

Peter Cattee Declaration of Interest 2019


Darryl Dethick

Darryl is a LPC member and an AIMp representative for PCT Healthcare.  Darryl is a member of the Audit Committee.

I have been working as Head of Pharmacy for PCT Healthcare since November 2018, after many years working in various different operational management roles in community pharmacy. This gives me the opportunity to further support the pharmacy teams and ensure we are well positioned to give the best possible customer experience in all of our pharmacies every day.  I joined Community Pharmacy almost 25 years ago through a passion to help people, and see Community Pharmacy as a great resource to support the health of our local population.  Out of work I enjoy travelling and spending time with my two children (Lottie,6 and Louie,4) who keep me on my toes!

Darryl Dethick Declaration of Interest 2019

Darryl Dethick Confidentiality Agreement 2019


Ben Eaton

Ben is a LPC member and an AIMp representative for Dean and Smedley. Ben is a member of the Governance Committee

Ben Eaton Declaration of Interest 2019

Ben Eaton Confidentiality Agreement 2019

David is a LPC member and an AIMp representative.  David is acting Vice Chair for the Committee until end March 2020

David Evans Declaration of Interest 2019

David Evans Confidentiality Agreement 2019

Lindsey Fairbrother   

Lindsey is a LPC member and an Independent representative.

My whole career has been in pharmacy but with a wide variety of roles and experiences. After a typical start as a pre-reg and pharmacy manager for a multiple, I took on a variety of jobs, ranging from professional development through training others and offering medicines optimisation to GP practice, to a much more commercial role, ultimately controlling the buying and wholesale operations for the chain.

In 2008, I took employment with Shropshire Local Pharmaceutical Committee in order to re-establish my understanding of local and national pharmacy issues. Being flexible at the time I was also able to take a role of Non Executive Director at South Staffordshire PCT, which gave me valuable insight into commissioning and NHS structures.

Then a further change setting up my own new contract pharmacy, in Hatton, South Derbyshire, which I have actively run since 2010. With a consistent locum releasing me 2 days per week, I have retained my Shropshire LPC role which is invaluable in giving me the opportunity to find out what is going on and to support fellow contractors.

I am not one to stand still, having recently qualified as an Independent Prescriber. In order to grow confidence, I took a role one day per week in a GP surgery. Having lasted 14 months, with only Sunday as a day off, I then felt able to leave that position in order to set up services within my own pharmacy to utilise my new skills.

I am delighted to now join Derbyshire LPC as an independent contractor representative.

I am very committed to helping other pharmacists and working together to give all professionals and patients the best pharmacy future. I want the NHS to realise that pharmacy is the ultimate ‘walk in centre’ and that we could do so much more if only remuneration structures were in place to resource us. The future of pharmacy is not a bleak one but to make it bright we have to shout about what we do and give all our colleagues the confidence to feel proud and believe they can deliver. Local pharmacists can often feel very isolated. As an LPC we need to tell them they are not alone and support our LPC officers to continue providing strong local leadership.


Lindsey Fairbrother Declaration of Interest and Code of Conduct 2019

Matthew Hind

Matthew is a LPC member and an Independent representative from Derbyshire County from Housley Surgery.  Matthew is a member of the Governance Committee

Matthew Hind Declaration of Interest 2019

Matthew Hind Confidentiality Agreement 2019


Jackie Eeles

Jackie is a LPC member and a CCA representative for Boots.

Declaration of interest 2019 to follow


Garry MyersGarry Myers

Garry is a LPC member and an independent representative for Shires Pharmacies Ltd. Garry is also the East Midlands and South Yorkshire Regional Representative for PSNC.

Garry Myers Declaration of Interest 2019

Garry Myers Confidentiality Agreement 2019


Kevin KiangKevin Kiang

Kevin is a LPC member and CCA representative for Rowlands Pharmacy.  Kevin is a member of the Communications subcommittee and Chairman of the Governance Committee.

Kevin Kiang Declaration of Interest 2019

Kevin Kiang Confidentiality Agreement 2019


Nitin Lakhani resized

Nitin Lakhani

Nitin has been a member of the LPC since 1994 and is also a part of the market entry sub-committee. He represents the independent contractors and is a clinical pharmacist with a specialist interest in warfarin monitoring. He also jointly represents the LPC on the Local Professional Network.

Nitin Lakhani Declaration on Interest 2019

Nitin Lakhani Confidentiality Agreement 2019


Inderpreet Chohan

Inderpreet is a member of the LPC and CCA representative for Lloyds.

Declaration of Interest and Code of conduct to follow



Guillermo Sierra

Guillermo is a member of the LPC and CCA representative for Well Pharmacy, part of the Bestway Group.

Guillermo Sierra Declaration of Interest 2019

Guillermo Sierra Confidentiality Agreement 2019

Matthew Mills

Matthew us a member of the LPC and CCA representative for Boots.

Matthew MIlls Declaration of Interest 2019

Matthew MIlls Confidentiality Agreement 2019




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